Waterfront Homes for Sale in Charleston

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January 27, 2020
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Waterfront Homes for Sale in Charleston

Buying a waterfront home in Charleston, SC

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Benefits of having waterfront homes

Just imagining how magnificent it is to own a dream waterfront home. Obtaining such a property is a lifelong wish of many people. Imagine the luxury and the exotic scenery it can provide. Water is an invigorating element and has always had a special fascination for us, humans. Whether canal, lake, river, or sea: living directly on the water stands for a special quality of life.
Most people associate a view of the waterfront homes with positive feelings: space, freedom, relaxation. Associations with the last vacation trip, with distant regions, sun warmth, and wind. That is not it, there are many other advantages of obtaining one of the amazing waterfront homes out there!

  • Good Investment. As waterfront homes are rare to find compared to other properties, the costs are a bit higher as well. Waterfront homes account for a significant value and high investment. Amazingly enough, many people wish to rent waterfront homes for short or long vacations. Owning a property like that can stably bring in some capital for you!
  • Healthy Lifestyle. The health benefits of unpolluted, water close areas are out of the question as there are many! Waterfront homes give you the chance to avoid paying fees to go to the pool or enjoy the fresh air. 
  • Relaxing and harmonic atmosphere. The luxury of having this advantage in your life can happen in waterfront homes. 

Waterfront homes for sale in Charleston, SC

Narrowing down a bit, let’s talk about the waterfront homes in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston has many breathtaking luxury waterfront homes but like others, everything is pricier when it comes to being close to the water and its magic!
Here are some statistics on Average Waterfront homes for sale in Charleston SC.

Average Home
Average Price $804,489
Average Bedrooms 3 beds 
Average Bathrooms2,5 baths 
Average Price By Bedrooms 
1 bedroom$390,814
2 bedrooms$616,356
4 bedrooms$936,404
5 bedrooms$1,479,809
Highest Price Lowest Price

Some people get just excited seeing Charleston Downtown waterfront homes for sale signs as all of them usually get obtained fast! You can fully experience a cozy low-country lifestyle meanwhile enjoying every moment of the sunshine and the sound of nature.

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Charleston Waterfront Homes for Sale by Area

  1. Charleston Peninsula Waterfront
    In this area, we can find downtown Charleston which offers outstanding views of the Charleston Harbor, Wando River, Cooper River, and Ashley River. It is difficult to find a property here but if you do it is indeed going to be very expensive.
  2. James Island Waterfront
    Offers a big range of waterfront homes with wonderful views and at more affordable prices.
  3. Daniel Islands
    Waterfront home here is usually more expensive because it is limited. It can start from 1 million.
  4. Johns Island Waterfront
    Most homes have quick access to the Atlantic Ocean. In a more rural and quiet setting, the Island offers deep water property at a more affordable price.
  5. Mount Pleasant Waterfront
    Mt. Pleasant has water around every corner. Prices are higher in Mount Pleasant, but still mostly affordable due to the availability of creeks running through the area.
  6. Folly Beach Waterfront
    Folly Beach is beautiful, surrounded by green parts and amazing views. There are a number of opportunities to find suitable waterfront houses.
  7. West Ashley Waterfront
    West Ashley is less expensive due to the creeks running through the area but is indeed not less amazing!
  8. Summerville Waterfront
    Summerville is a magnificent area to own a property. It’s close to the town and has many local activities.

North Charleston Waterfront Homes Features

Waterfront homes in North Charleston and Charleston, in general, have very essential features and peculiarities people look up to before buying the property. Some of them are:

  • Large windows – for a clear view of the water, lake, river. This is indeed one of the keys to enjoying the property at its best. Imagine morning coffees with a view of the water.
  • Large decks 
  • Large garage 
  • Possibly a mudroom – Where you can get clean or wash your shoes before going into the house.

Searching for a waterfront home in any area in Charleston is the easiest part of the process. There are many questions to be taken into account before choosing. This is exactly why you will need an experienced real estate agent. Probably the most well-known team of real estate agents in the Charleston area – Matt O’Neil Real Estate can guide you through it.

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