How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

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September 2, 2021
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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

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How to find the best Real Estate Agent

The home selling process consists of many stages and a lot of work that can become a headache for you if not consulting a good Realtor. Trained professionals are able to use their wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to help you sell your home for the maximum possible profit. Find the best real estate company in Charleston

A good real estate agent can definitely give you insight into the market and advise you of important timelines when your house can be sold for a price you never thought of. 

Tips on choosing a good Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are the second thought after thinking about selling or buying a new property. There has been a massive demand and increase of professional Realtors who are very skilled and can sell or buy you a property very efficiently.

Does the question remain how to choose a commercial real estate agent? Here are tips for you!

Tip #1. Choose a Real Estate Agent with a vast Network of Connections 

Pick a real estate agent whose list of connections includes industry players who have positive reviews online. It’s important that your Realtor has plenty of connections and contacts to help assist in fulfilling your needs. The list of contacts might include contractors, builders, inspectors, mortgage brokers, title companies, handymen, painters, plumbers, and more. Having a list of professionals at your disposal will help make the home buying or selling process much smoother. 

Tip #2. Hire a Real Estate Agent who has a Marketing Strategy

The best real estate agent is backed by the best marketing plan! Find a real estate agent who will take the time to market your home. Look at pictures they have used in marketing homes for other sellers. Shots should show the best angles and corners of the house. Contact Matt O’Neil Real Estate for a marketing plan that wins.

Know what kind of photography will be applied to marketing your home. People who go online are overwhelmed by great home-selling imagery. Your house should stand out amongst the crowd. Your real estate agent should be armed with more than just an iPhone.

Tip #3. Ask for Recommendations 

Check with the local real estate community. Ask for reviews and feedback. Understand what are his main advantages over other real estate agents. The market currently holds a big number of very skilled Realtors and finding the best one that will fit your needs has become harder than before. 

Tip #4. Check their Official Social Media account

The demographic which uses social media to look for homes for sale is growing. Especially in the local area of Charleston. Does your agent have the skill to run Facebook ads? Does his social media accounts maintain speedy engagement with its followers? This way you can understand his marketing strategy or skills that will increase your trust. 

Tip #5. Ask questions about their previous deals 

It is very crucial to get to know the person you are going to work with. Asking them to show you their previous deal is very important. This way you can understand how he deals with clients, how long his listings stay on market, what kind of relations he has with his clients.

Also understanding the scope of the number of previous listings can give an idea of how busy he gets and how many deals he has made.

Tip #6. Know how to Research Local Real Estate Market 

The internet is your best friend. Use it to find the best agent to sell or buy your desired property. Searching nowadays might come easy but in a world full of information and sources you can get very confused about the number of results.

The best method to search for good choices are filters based on reputation. Is there any specific name that gets repeated? Are there many reviews about the same person?

Reputation includes not just customer reviews. It also includes brokers’ reputations in the real estate community. Is there a name that stands out as a true professional based on testimonials? Make sure the real estate agent is active by checking out their deal history.

List of Questions to ask a Realtor 

Let’s check on some tricks on how to choose a good real estate agent. The process comes with a list of questions you will need to ask in the process. 

  1. What are the expenses of working with a real estate agent?
  2. How do they come to a specific price on the house?
  3. What marketing plans do they have on home selling?
  4. What other factors might appear on the way impacting the price?
  5. How many of their listings have been terminated ?
  6. How to get the house ready ?
  7. How often will the seller or the buyer get updates?
  8. What kind of guarantees are there to be offered?

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